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Simply stated, Stephan Oliva is one of the most fascinating contemporary pianists. His playing, as subtle as a perfume, never ceases to amaze and intoxicate. He has a refined touch that can reach forte and power without ever overdoing or adding to it; lines and arabesques drawn or curved with discretion, often, with resolution, always; and an inimitable sense of harmony, between flow and fluidness. For Sons d’hiver, our pianist has prepared a solo show filled with all of his artistic stories. Indeed, his keyboard has not ceased to change into a garden for reveries of solitary walkers: all of us.


"Blues chez le Bougnat", Vaguement Godard, Illusions, 2013

KRAKAUER / TAGG DUO "Breath & Hammer"


David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg, the blazing Klezmer saxophonist, along with the great contemporary classical pianist from South Africa, share a quest: the constant transformation of their instruments into new sources of sound. The “Breath and Hammer” project clears up the bounds of the usual performance by exerting a whole arsenal, a whole imaginarium of bold and unrestrained instrumental skills, using excerpts and samples, in a program they conceived with their associate composers, such as John Zorn or Kinan Azmeh. Simply mind-blowing!


"Moldavian Voyage", by Emil Kroiter (arr. Krakauer, Tagg), Breath & Hammer